The future of Momentum

A FEW DAYS AGO, I launched a petition proposing a positive vision for the future of Momentum and asking that we, the ordinary members, be directly consulted on the future of the organisation. After over 2,300 signatures and support from members of the Shadow Cabinet, Jeremy Corbyn himself has stepped in to explain his vision … Continue reading

The Company Of Monsters

Fascism used to be liberalism’s best line of defence. Don’t stray outside the limits of acceptable discourse: that’s where the monsters live! But the mechanism has failed; the contradictions of the latter giving space for the former to grow. Slowly but surely, electorates in the West are choosing the company of monsters.

Politics vs. Bureaucracy: Notes From Party Conference

In theory, the Labour Party Conference is where policies are formed, but the last three decades have seen it hollowed out into a PR opportunity for politicians, buttressed by tedious bureaucracy for everyone else.

Hey Roo! A Deliveroo Rider Comments On The Strike

Last week they sent round an email asking us to sign a new contract which paid £3.75 per delivery and had no hourly wage. It began with, ‘Hey Roo,’ which is the cutesy name they call us, their delivery workers.

Thoughts On The Failed Coup

There are already a host of theories on who is behind the coup – the Gülenists are a front for the real Kemalists in the army! The whole thing was an elaborate plot hatched by Erdoğan himself! – but nothing will be answered soon. As one comrade reminded me, it was decades before the secrets of the 1980 coup became clear.

Strike Harder: Two Ways for Lecturers to Win

Acting collectively, university workers can reverse the slow death of Higher Education – they just need to understand where their power lies.

Is Hillary Clinton the Worst Democratic Candidate Imaginable?

Hillary Clinton is inevitable. That’s what they told us in 2008, and it’s what they’re telling us again in 2016. While no-one but her hardcore supporters minded when this was proved untrue eight years ago, if history repeats itself this time around, the consequence will be the most divisive presidency of all time. Extraordinary as … Continue reading

Our Plea to Jonathan Freedland: Treat Israel As You Would Any Other Colonial State

In Jonathan Freedland’s opinion piece for the Guardian, ‘My plea to the left: treat Jews the same way you’d treat any other minority’, he argues that in its opposition to Israel the left breaks its normal anti-racist rules. Just as the misogynist ‘mainsplains’, anti-Zionists lecture about a distinction between Zionism and anti-Semitism that feels immaterial … Continue reading

Nothing Compares 2 U

That he could write so well in so many different styles is a testament to his virtuoso, but his genius comes out in the subtleties. Like dropping the bass line from ‘When Doves Cry’. Or having live drums alongside the drum machines on ‘Sign O’ the Times’. To paraphrase Mike Scott: we saw the crescent, he saw the whole of the moon.

Three Strategies for Destroying Democracy: David Cameron’s legacy

There are many competing narratives around Cameron’s premiership but one political project is present throughout his time in office: the destruction of participatory democracy.