Who Wears The Rose-Coloured Glasses?

But the self-appointed realists rarely consider that hope – even a naïve one – is only a relevant category for the hopeless.


What’s Yours Is Ours

This sinister sense of entitlement undermines the labour of artist. Though Prince has always aimed his criticism at Warner Brothers for transforming his art into a commodity and alienating him from the process of production and the products of his art, the fans are complicit too.

The Phenomenology of Fools: Ed Miliband’s Downfall

By Sam Thompson At around 1:00 am on Thursday morning, BBC One was the TV equivalent of an airport. Transition was imminent but not yet confirmed, and the electorate gazed on, with a mixture of apprehension and boredom, like passengers waiting for their boarding gate to appear. There was a fair amount of filler, including … Continue reading

Citizen Kane: Why Harry isn’t good for English Football

By Max Siteman Once upon a time, there was a footballer called Harry Edward Kane who grew a liking for the game. Initially considered not good enough at Arsenal, young Harry picked up his bindle to move across North London to Arsenal’s rivals, Tottenham Hotspur. After a couple of seasons low down the pecking order, … Continue reading

“Mutilating history and law”: Turkey’s attempt to hide the Armenian genocide

In the early hours of 24th April 1915, around 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders were rounded up and imprisoned in the basement of Constantinople’s police headquarters, prior to deportation and, in many cases, execution. This is the day traditionally chosen by Armenians to mark the beginning of the Armenian genocide. The historical fact of … Continue reading

Frontline Footage: Turkey

31/05/2014 – The Anniversary of Gezi Park The anniversary of Gezi was to be commemorated with a gathering in Taksim square and Gezi park. Tayyip made it clear this was not going to happen. Sources say 25,000 security forces were deployed with police holidays and weekends canceled. 50 water trucks and close to 80 armoured … Continue reading

Ahead of his return to the UK, we salute the genius of Busta Rhymes

When you mention Busta Rhymes to people who don’t really know hip-hop, they respond in one of two ways. They either look at you quizzically and mention that ‘Baby if you Give to Me’ song, or they just laugh. Whilst there is something undeniably comic about Busta’s public image, this should not distract us from recognising that he is in possession of one of the finest catalogues in hip-hop history, and is perhaps the most stylistically unique rapper of all time. With reference to the different attributes that make him a certified Rap Legend, Whitey On The Moon will now pay its respects.

By Luca Tiratelli

Why Do Dictators Bother with Propaganda?

It seems strange that, in the midst of unrest and economic distress, dictators would choose to spend precious resources on propaganda. And not just any old propaganda which, being generous, we might assume is effective; but patently absurd and unbelievable propaganda. Terrible photoshop jobs. Outrageous and unbelievable claims. A personality cult which everyone knows to be out of touch with real opinions. The answer seems to be that they do so in order that people have to pretend to believe it.

By Matteo Tiratelli

Reconciling Homophobia and Homoeroticism in Hip Hop

Since the decline of groups like “Tribe Called Quest”, “De La Soul” and “The Jurassic 5”, there has only really been one accepted definition of masculinity in Hip Hop. And that vision of manliness is one of hyper-machismo achieved through a combination of violence, physical strength, mental toughness, misogyny and wealth. Perhaps unsurprisingly then, Hip Hop has always had a strong homophobic element to it. However, what is less examined is the overt homoeroticism that permeates much of rap music, and how it can be reconciled with the homophobia that the same artists espouse.

By Luca Tiratelli

Context Is Not A Myth

Just as self-deprecation isn’t the opposite of arrogance but rather its sneaky corollary, so too the subculture(s) spring from the mainstream, germinated by a logic they purportedly oppose. “Sampling” is the example I want to use here: this musical method has degenerated, becoming coloured by some of the very worst aspects of our society.

By Yohann Koshy