Muhammad Ali and the Death of Radical Sport

KOBE BRYANT, regarded as one of the finest ever basketball players, represents the worst of modern sport: unshakable egoism combined with political insouciance. In the immediate wake of the murder of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old black boy who was shot by a neighbourhood watch volunteer in 2012, Bryant made this statement: ‘I won’t react to … Continue reading

Old Fashioned Elitism Meets Free Market Violence: On The Higher Education White Paper

It’s not that the Tories don’t value subjects like Classics or History (the preferred subjects of the Johnson siblings), they just don’t believe those subjects are for everyone. You can hear them saying it in private: ‘If they are going to survive in the world we’re creating for them, they’re going to need Business Studies.’

—The Editors

Things Fall Apart: A Predator Drone in Djibouti

Not only do the pictures of the wrecked drone puncture the mystique of the infallible ’unblinking eye in the sky’, they direct us to the history of Western imperialism in the region.

Escape From New York

After the September 11 attacks, Jason Charles, a New York City firefighter, started thinking about the end of the world. ‘It was all heat and dust,’ he says, recounting his experience at what was later called Ground Zero. ‘It felt like at any moment the whole city was just going to implode. I knew, right … Continue reading

Things Fall Apart: The B-52 Bomber That Crashed In Thule


Five hours into its patrol, a B-52 Stratofortress bomber carrying four nuclear warheads battles to find a safe cabin temperature. At first it’s too cold, so the third pilot turns the heating on full blast. Now it’s too hot, and a cushion placed over the heating vent catches fire.

Tech Bubbles: Return Of The Biodome

The initial optimism surrounding Biosphere 2 as a means to help us understand and save our own planet waned as it became clear their motivations were selfish: they were planning an escape to a shiny new world, leaving the rest of humanity to rot on the dirty old one.

On The Basic Bitch

The basic bitch is a boring bitch, who is boring because she buys things, and she buys things because her only relation to society is consumptive. She does not read; her absorption of (low) culture is visual, uncritical and conformist. The basic bitch is the Ugg boot-wearing, apolitical status quo who desires to have everything and to be nothing.

Four Years After The London Riots

What strikes you most looking over the extensive footage of the riots is how little crime is being committed. What you see are people drinking, smoking and hanging out.

By Matteo Tiratelli

How The Liberals Ruined Ferguson: An Interview With Robert Stephens II

‘Obama perpetuates imperialism through performances of blackness that weren’t possible years ago. That’s why I’m so repulsed by our obsession with images of blackness in the media, because the images of blackness are now just that: images.’

Elliott School R.I.P.

Why was Wandsworth Council so adamant about selling off public assets in one case but investing in another? Because who the fuck cares about the school none of their kids or friends’ kids will ever go to? Why would rabid Thatcherites want to renovate a school that stands as a relic to the welfare state dream?