Hearing The Unheard: ‘The Hard Stop’ Reviewed

“The Hard Stop” begins with a title card that borrows Martin Luther King’s famous aphorism, ‘A riot is the language of the unheard.’ But its content tells us something that challenges King’s premise.


Why we should be worried about Water Cannon: Tactics, Symbols and Nonsense

In 2011, David Cameron first mentioned the possibility of getting water cannon. The response to the riots, which had started because the police shot and killed someone, was going to be further militarisation. Not long after this, Wandsworth Council served an eviction notice to the mother of Daniel Sartain-Clarke, arguing that her son’s participation in the riots meant neither she nor him deserved council housing, and we had something else to get angry about. We forgot about the water cannon, assuming it was just part of post-riot cacophony. Last week when I read that Boris Johnson had gone ahead with the plans, without consulting Londoners (or even the Home Office), the anger returned.