Four Years After The London Riots

What strikes you most looking over the extensive footage of the riots is how little crime is being committed. What you see are people drinking, smoking and hanging out.

By Matteo Tiratelli


Elliott School R.I.P.

Why was Wandsworth Council so adamant about selling off public assets in one case but investing in another? Because who the fuck cares about the school none of their kids or friends’ kids will ever go to? Why would rabid Thatcherites want to renovate a school that stands as a relic to the welfare state dream?

The Phenomenology of Fools: Ed Miliband’s Downfall

By Sam Thompson At around 1:00 am on Thursday morning, BBC One was the TV equivalent of an airport. Transition was imminent but not yet confirmed, and the electorate gazed on, with a mixture of apprehension and boredom, like passengers waiting for their boarding gate to appear. There was a fair amount of filler, including … Continue reading