Dead Man Winnipeg

People who’ve never seen ice hockey before ask how you can tell when a goal has been scored, it all happens so fast. Ask someone who knows and they’ll tell you: never watch the puck, watch the net. Watch for the impact, for the brief expansion of whiteness, like the net is taking a quick breath. That’s how you can scream with the fans and not after them.


“Survival Is The Issue Now”

This story has many beginnings. It begins on the morning of September 11, 2001 when two planes hit the Twin Towers. It begins sometime that afternoon, when Larry Silverstein – the leaseholder of what would become ‘ground zero’, and a man who understood that grief and profit are mutually exclusive – realised he would have to rebuild. It begins before that, when the C.I.A. funnelled arms to Osama bin Laden and Islamic militia groups in Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. Those are just the obvious starting points. But this story has only one protagonist: that which came after the Twin Towers, that which stands in their footprint: One World Trade Center (1 WTC), once known as the “Freedom Tower”.

By Isaac Kaplan

A Little Bit False and a Little Bit True: Aby Warburg and his Mnemosyne Atlas

There is no such thing as the finality of the past. It cannot be boxed up, put on a shelf, and studied by curious historians who somehow operate outside of it. I don’t think Aby Warburg understood this when he began to study Hopi Native Americans, an endeavour he would later credit with providing him invaluable knowledge about the European Renaissance and Ancient Greece. I think that before his interactions with the Hopi, Warburg was a man, sickly and made bored by Civilisation, travelling at the turn of the 19th century through the American West to territory that had yet to be terraformed by telegraph wires. I think he still believed that the academic tools provided to him by ‘progress’ would afford him the ability to discover history, the way one discovers a fossil or a missing set of keys. He was young.