Escape From New York

After the September 11 attacks, Jason Charles, a New York City firefighter, started thinking about the end of the world. ‘It was all heat and dust,’ he says, recounting his experience at what was later called Ground Zero. ‘It felt like at any moment the whole city was just going to implode. I knew, right … Continue reading

Before You Were Born and After You’ll Die: True Detective in Context

True Detective is a wrestle over time. As such, it fits into a southern American tradition, centred around William Faulkner, that attempted to understand the relationship between the South and varying perceptions of time. In Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury, Quentin Compson, sitting in his room at Harvard, reflects on his Southern past.

By Joe Sykes

A Question Of Taste

Two weeks ago, in a small, dingy flat in Munich, surrounded by mouldy take-away boxes and tins of food, German police found a collection of some 1,400 modernist works of art that had been looted by the Nazis and condemned as degenerate art. The “degenerate” is an idea that has haunted the art world ever since artists began to move away from classical ideas of form and beauty and is often used to frame an opposition between the avant garde and “nice”, traditional art. However, this anti-modern politics is often little more than a fear of the new, the unconventional and the radical.

By Joe Sykes