Is Hillary Clinton the Worst Democratic Candidate Imaginable?

Hillary Clinton is inevitable. That’s what they told us in 2008, and it’s what they’re telling us again in 2016. While no-one but her hardcore supporters minded when this was proved untrue eight years ago, if history repeats itself this time around, the consequence will be the most divisive presidency of all time. Extraordinary as … Continue reading

Parking the bus: What’s wrong with defensive football?

Football today is plagued by the dogmatic belief that the only acceptable type of football is attacking football. Playing on the front foot and persistently attacking is seen as both aesthetically and morally superior. In its most absurd form you even hear people say that it’s better to play attacking football and lose, than to win any other way.

Ahead of his return to the UK, we salute the genius of Busta Rhymes

When you mention Busta Rhymes to people who don’t really know hip-hop, they respond in one of two ways. They either look at you quizzically and mention that ‘Baby if you Give to Me’ song, or they just laugh. Whilst there is something undeniably comic about Busta’s public image, this should not distract us from recognising that he is in possession of one of the finest catalogues in hip-hop history, and is perhaps the most stylistically unique rapper of all time. With reference to the different attributes that make him a certified Rap Legend, Whitey On The Moon will now pay its respects.

By Luca Tiratelli

Reconciling Homophobia and Homoeroticism in Hip Hop

Since the decline of groups like “Tribe Called Quest”, “De La Soul” and “The Jurassic 5”, there has only really been one accepted definition of masculinity in Hip Hop. And that vision of manliness is one of hyper-machismo achieved through a combination of violence, physical strength, mental toughness, misogyny and wealth. Perhaps unsurprisingly then, Hip Hop has always had a strong homophobic element to it. However, what is less examined is the overt homoeroticism that permeates much of rap music, and how it can be reconciled with the homophobia that the same artists espouse.

By Luca Tiratelli

Burnt Bridges: where’s the next Andre 3000?

Whilst all real hip hop heads have spent the last 10 years mourning the death of hard core “real” hip hop, a loss at the other end of the spectrum has gone unreported. Yes, I’m here to grieve at the tomb of the R’n’B cross over artist.

By Luca Tiratelli

Changing Eras In Hip-Hop

Tim Westwood’s history of hiphop breaks down into six stages: 1) the foundations in the Bronx, 2) “pro-black”/Public enemy, 3) gangsta rap and G Funk, 4) grimy New York/ Wu Tang Clan, 5) club music and “celebrating life” and finally 6) the current era. More interesting than this brief outline of over 30 years of history was his assertion that the changing of these eras come about as a result of one seminal record, which affects the whole scene for ever more…

By Luca Tiratelli