Nothing Compares 2 U

That he could write so well in so many different styles is a testament to his virtuoso, but his genius comes out in the subtleties. Like dropping the bass line from ‘When Doves Cry’. Or having live drums alongside the drum machines on ‘Sign O’ the Times’. To paraphrase Mike Scott: we saw the crescent, he saw the whole of the moon.


What’s Yours Is Ours

This sinister sense of entitlement undermines the labour of artist. Though Prince has always aimed his criticism at Warner Brothers for transforming his art into a commodity and alienating him from the process of production and the products of his art, the fans are complicit too.

Superfunkycalifragisexy: The Demise of Sexually Explicit Lyrics

Somewhere between Prince’s “Darling Nikki” and Nelly’s “Tip Drill”, we forgot how to sing about sex. Explicit sexual references have become a ubiquitous part of pop music, but they have also become as bland and as vacuous as Chris Martin’s darkest fantasies. As boring and predictable as Miley twerking. We are saturated with naked flesh and sexual invitations but somehow they’ve never been less appealing. And I can’t help but think that we’re missing out.

By Matteo Tiratelli