The Company Of Monsters

Fascism used to be liberalism’s best line of defence. Don’t stray outside the limits of acceptable discourse: that’s where the monsters live! But the mechanism has failed; the contradictions of the latter giving space for the former to grow. Slowly but surely, electorates in the West are choosing the company of monsters.


Echoes Of Trump: Buckley and Vidal’s Showdown Reviewed

DURING THE 1968 DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTIONS, ABC News brought Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley together to articulate opposing visions for the country’s future. While they were both white men of extreme material privilege, Vidal, a progressive writer and cultural critic, and Buckley, a conservative thinker and television host, were seen to embody a deep … Continue reading

Who Wears The Rose-Coloured Glasses?

But the self-appointed realists rarely consider that hope – even a naïve one – is only a relevant category for the hopeless.