On The Basic Bitch

The basic bitch is a boring bitch, who is boring because she buys things, and she buys things because her only relation to society is consumptive. She does not read; her absorption of (low) culture is visual, uncritical and conformist. The basic bitch is the Ugg boot-wearing, apolitical status quo who desires to have everything and to be nothing.


A Not-So-Brief History of Twerking

From Miley Cyrus twerking with a large black woman on an LA stage to Lily Allen’s provocative sexualisation of nameless and faceless black dancers, the status of black women as an artistic symbol has been brought back to the fore, exposing cracks in the fragile latticework of race and gender. Even in Russia, there was a vociferous reaction against a portrait of Roman Ambramovich’s girlfriend in Buro 24/7. Black, it seems, is back in the papers. And yet this is not new, and those feminists who clamour for Miley’s head on a stick, seeing her as a cause not a symptom, are both historically and contextually blinded. This process of imaging the black female body is not to be confined to a modern day marketing stunt – its roots are deeper, more obscure and more sinister than we care to admit.